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Eliminate Stigma.
Save Lives.

Who We Are

Addiction is an illness that afflicts people of all ages and backgrounds, and the Jewish community is no exception. Unfortunately, many people who need help are afraid to come forward because of the stigma around substance use and addiction. CCSA tackles these issues by providing support and educational programming for Jewish communities, families, and our children. By eliminating stigma, we can break the cycle of addiction and save lives.

School Programs

CCSA provides evidence-based programs to educate students (grades 6-12), parents, and faculty about substance use and addiction within the Jewish community. Programs include discussions with teens and youth about the mental and physical damage caused by alcohol and substances, and educating teachers and parents about how to identify and address substance use issues.

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Community Awareness Events

CCSA organizes and hosts ongoing educational events in Jewish communities to create dialogue and awareness around mental health and addiction. Programs are designed to educate community leaders and members and help eradicate the stigma associated with substance use and addiction.

How We Can Help

Many of us are vulnerable to substance use disorders and addiction, yet, often times, those who struggle feel ashamed and isolated. It is important to recognize those among us who are most at risk or struggling, and address the dangers of substance use and the existence of addiction in our Jewish communities. It is especially important to respond to this issue as a community and offer our support, compassion and understanding. If you or a loved one need help, we are here. You are not alone.

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Funds received that are directed towards our efforts at raising awareness and educating our youth and communities


Jewish students who participated in CCSA's prevention education presentations, with over 8,500 children impacted during this past school year alone!


Jewish middle and high schools that partner with CCSA to educate their students, parents, and faculty about substance use and the risk of addiction 

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