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Check out our videos from past events and media mentions from our early days. Read about what we've done and see what we can do for your community or school.

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Eliminating the "A" Word

Destigmatizing the word "addiction" - let's talk about substance misuse and addiction openly and honestly - December 2020


Vigilance and Education on Substance Abuse

Message to educators and schools on the "front lines" with our children - December 2020

Jew in the City InterviewOctober 22nd
00:00 / 29:28
JMintheAM InterviewOctober 18th
00:00 / 09:17
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Community, Connection, Chesed and COVID-19

Jewish Addiction Awareness Network blog - October 2020

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Healing Our Community

Read about our October 18th Forum on Mental Health and Addiction - October 2020



May 5, 2019

Fighting Stigma

Fighting Substance Abuse

OU Impact Accelerator Interview

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