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CCSA is proud to be featured in dozens of news outlets across the Jewish world. With the help of the media, we aim to destigmatize addiction in the Jewish community and provide accessible information and resources for everyone in need.

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Girls Drink More Than Boys - A Disturbing Trend

The trend has shifted and data now shows that women (and girls) ages 12-20 are drinking more alcohol than men (and boys) - April 2022


One Life Lost is One Too Many

We would like to believe the opioid epidemic doesn't affect the Jewish community, but we are not immune - October 2021


JOWMA Podcast

Dr Alisa Minkin, MD hosts Lianne Forman, Executive Director of CCSA, on JOWMA's podcast - June 2021


In Light of the Legalization

How Do We Talk About Marijuana With Our Kids? - Jewish Standard/Times of Israel Blog -

May 2021

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Yes, We Need To Talk About This

Shining a light on "taboo" topics that affect the Jewish community - December 2021

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Only Bad People Use Drugs, Right?

The inherent stigma associated with substance use/addiction - Jewish Standard/Times of Israel -

July 2021


A Teen Walks Into a Vape Shop

Underage nicotine use, vape shops, and what we can do - Jewish Standard/Times of Israel Blog -

June 2021

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April is Alcohol Awareness Month

So now what? - Jewish Standard/Times of Israel Blog - April 2021

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The Devil is in the Details

Why we need to talk to our Jewish youth about substance use - Jewish Standard/Times of Israel Blog - March 2021

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Even Rats...

What can rats tell us about the dangers of stigmatizing substance abuse? -

January 2021

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Eliminating the "A" Word

Destigmatizing the word "addiction" - let's talk about substance misuse and addiction openly and honestly - December 2020


Vigilance and Education on Substance Abuse

Message to educators and schools on the "front lines" with our children - December 2020

Jew in the City InterviewOctober 22nd
00:00 / 29:28
JMintheAM InterviewOctober 18th
00:00 / 09:17
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Community, Connection, Chesed and COVID-19

Jewish Addiction Awareness Network blog - October 2020

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Healing Our Community

Read about our October 18th Forum on Mental Health and Addiction - October 2020