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NJ Resources

Not sure where to turn for help? This list of New Jersey addiction resources will help you find your footing during these difficult times. Many of these centers and hotlines have experience dealing with members of the Jewish community.


Education & Prevention


Bergen County Prevention Coalition – The Center for Alcohol & Drug Resources


Program run by Children’s Aid and Family Services that provides substance use prevention, education, and referral services to Bergen County residents, businesses, schools, organizations, and social service agencies


Phone: 201-740-7069




New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs - Project Medicine Drop

Information on keeping your medications safe and disposing of them including a list of locations of secured drop boxes in the headquarters of local police departments


New Jersey Department of Law and Public Safety

Information on the NALOXONE rebate request program


Visit: Office of the Attorney General


New Jersey Facing Addiction Task Force

Information for parents and families and resources on where to find help and support



Bergen County Prosecutor's Office


Provides educational material to assist teaching our youth about drugs


Visit: NJ Prosecutor's Office


Treatment, Help & Hotlines


The Family Support Center

Center for parents or caregivers who have a loved ones suffering from substance use disorders. Services include assistance with navigating the healthcare system, accessing treatment, learning strategies to cope, etc.

Phone: 201-265-5027, ext. 5394


NJ Department of Human Services

Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services

Visit: Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services/home


​Opioid Overdose Program

Utilizes recovery specialists and patient navigators to provide individuals with recent non-fatal overdoses non-clinical assistance, recovery support, and appropriate referrals for assessment and treatment

Visit: Recovery Support Services/OORP

County Alcohol and Drug Abuse Directors & County Mental Health Administrators

Handles inquiries about local treatment resources

Visit: Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services

Hotlines/Helplines & Treatment Directories

Directory of hotlines and information regarding treatment

Visit: Division of Mental Health & Addiction Services/hotlines

New Jersey Department of Health

Addiction services treatment directory

Visit: Directory


Important NJ/NY Legislation


NJ 911 Lifeline Legislation

Minors faced with a medical emergency as a result of excessive drinking often hesitate to call for help, either because of uncertainty of the signs of alcohol poisoning or fear of facing legal charges related to alcohol possession and use. That is why New Jersey enacted the “911 Lifeline Legislation.” Providing immunity under these circumstances has proven to be an effective means to encourage young people to call for help. The legislation provides immunity from prosecution when certain steps are followed.

NJ Overdose Protection Act

If you are the victim of an overdose or have witnessed another person overdose on drugs, this law allows individuals to report overdoses without fear of being arrested. In many ways, the law changes the way the government looks at a person who overdoses on drugs. Instead of viewing him or her as a criminal, one who overdoses is viewed as a person who needs immediate medical attention.

NY 911 Good Samaritan Law

The New York State 911 Good Samaritan Law allows people to call 911 without fear of arrest if they are having a drug or alcohol overdose that requires emergency medical care or if they witness someone overdosing.

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