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Support Group

Our support group for loved ones of those suffering from substance misuse or addiction is now virtual. Join us and share your experiences with others who can offer support. We are a professionally-facilitated peer-to-peer support group

and we are here to help.

Addiction is a "family disease" - every member of the family is impacted when a loved one struggles with a substance use disorder or addiction.


Due to the shame and stigma often associated with these issues, many of those struggling and their families suffer in silence. The resulting isolation and the perception that there is no one to share this with can be unbearable. In reality, this is an issue that impacts so many of us. No matter what your relationship with the person struggling, knowing there are others who understand, and can share your pain and offer understanding can be a tremendous comfort.


We are here for you!


To ask questions or register for our FREE support group, contact us now.

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