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Programs for Middle and High School Students

We all know that our children face (or will soon encounter) some very difficult choices with regard to alcohol and drugs. Studies show that children are exposed to substances at alarmingly young ages. Feelings of curiosity, insecurity, or wanting to "escape" lead our children to try substances.


It’s Not About If, But When…

We know it’s just a matter of time before our children are exposed to drugs and alcohol, if they haven’t been already. Our programs are not about scaring our children, but teaching them that substances are dangerous to their developing brains and bodies. We empower them with facts and help them develop refusal skills so they can make informed and healthy choices when it comes to substance use.

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Learn The Facts

There is a lot of misinformation out there about alcohol and drugs. Addiction is often misunderstood and mischaracterized. Learn the facts about substances like nicotine (vaping), alcohol, and marijuana. Learn about drug trends, and recognizing signs of use. Gain information about communication skills, prevention tips, and treatment options. Be informed.

CCSA’s evidence-based educational substance use prevention programs are presented by people with first-hand lived experience with addiction and are designed to educate and empower our children to make healthy decisions by:
  • Teaching our children the facts about alcohol and drugs and their effect on their brains and bodies

  • Explaining the risk of addiction to substances

  • Discussing the reasons children try drugs and what factors can protect them

  • Exploring refusal skills and tools that help our children make healthy choices

  • Learning how to recognize if someone is struggling with substance use and how to help them

Please fill out the form to schedule a presentation in your school. This program is appropriate for both middle and high school Jewish students.

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